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Jack D Nutt ArenaJack D Nutt Arena

The arena which is part of the Lincoln Center is home to men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball and men’s wrestling. The arena has a seating capacity of 1,000 for sporting events. The arena is also host to many other non-sporting events throughout the year with a maximum seating capacity of 2,200.

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Galen & Roberta Shirley Baseball FieldGalen & Roberta Shirley Baseball Field

The baseball field is an all-natural playing surface with a clay/sand mix along with grass on the infield and all grass outfield. The dugouts are spacious and equipped properly. We have a unique outfield fence that is wooden and stands 8 ft. tall. The dimensions measure 335 ft. down the lines, 375 ft. in the power alleys and 400 ft. to center field. The team batting cage is located outside the playing surface down the left field line. Seating is plentiful with two sections of bleachers located behind home plate.

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Wrestling Training FacilityWrestling Training Facility

Lincoln College’s wrestling facility is second to none. The practice facility is a 7000 sq. ft. area able to hold 3 full wrestling mats. The locker room is conveniently located next to the practice area. The wrestling facility is located on the second floor of the Lincoln Center. Home meets are held in Jack D Nutt Arena.

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Scully NatatoriumScully Natatorium

The pool is 25 meters in length with six racing lanes and a diving well that supports 1 and 3 meter diving boards. The pool is used by many outside groups during the year and can also be rented for swim parties.

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Softball FieldSoftball Field

The softball field is a skinned clay/sand mix infield and a grass outfield. There is a batting cage located outside of the field down the left field line. There are enclosed dugouts for both teams and a 6ft. wooden outfield fence that measures 190 ft. down the lines and 208 ft. to center field. Bleacher seating is available behind the home plate area and lawn chairs can be utilized along the 1st and 3rd base lines.

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Freesmeier Soccer FieldFreesmeier Soccer Field

The soccer field is located west of the baseball field. The field is natural grass with watering capabilities to keep the playing surface up to speed. Bleacher seating is available on the east side of the field.

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Davidson Sheffer GymnasiumDavidson Sheffer Gymnasium

This gymnasium is home to many events here on campus. The baseball, softball, and soccer teams hold their indoor winter practices in the gym. The baseball and softball teams also have access to an indoor batting cage. Intramural programs such as basketball and volleyball are also held in Davidson Sheffer gymnasium. Bleacher seating is available.

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Practice Fields

Outside practice areas are abundant at Lincoln College with over 100,000 sq. ft. of grass playing surface. These areas are used for intramurals, soccer practices, community youth practices and many other events during the year.

Scott Joslin Fitness CenterScott Joslin Fitness Center

The fitness center is a state of the art facility that offers a wide range of workout equipment including a variety of cardiovascular machines, a large number of weight machines and an aerobic room.

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Athletics Weight RoomAthletic Weight Room

The athletic weight room is located in the rear of Scully natatorium, it is a fully equipped fitness center with a wide range of strength building machines. This facility is utilized by our athletic teams for individual or team workout sessions.

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